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  ◆テラドローン株式会社 Terra Drone Corporation◆  
本社を東京におき、全国7支社とオーストラリアに拠点を構え、国内外にてドローンを用いたレーザー・写真測量を実施、高精度3次元図面を短時間で作成、施工管理に役立つサービスを提供。独自技術、ノウハウによる高精度の担保、データ解析の高速化、柔軟な対応力、自社開発のソフトウェア等が特徴で、大手ゼネコン・建機メーカー・測量会社等からの受注を中心に、300回以上のUAV測量実績を有し、i-ConstructionのUA V測量実績も全国トップクラス。2時間飛行が可能な固定無人機も自社で開発。また、ドローン運行管理システム (UTM)事業では、世界有数のUnifly社と提携し、筆頭株主として、次世代のシステム開発を行う。グループ会社はアジアで電動二輪、三輪を製造、販売し、海外売上比率85%、年間3万台を売り上げるテラモーターズ株式会社。
Our head office is located in Tokyo, with five branches scattered throughout Japan and Australia. We are utilize the finest laser and photo surveying methods through our drones,creating high quality 3D mapping, and providing essential tools for construction management both within and outside Japan. Featured is our original drone technology, high security quality, high speed data analysis,reflexive response, and cutting-edge software. Our targeted clients for the ideal business are major construction companies,civil engineering and land surveying companies. To date, we have had greater than 400 UAV surveying projects completed.Our drones are completely programmable and have the capability to continue a flight sequence for 2 hours autonomously. In the field of drone management systems (UTM),we have partnered with Unifly and developing a flight management system that is truly next generation. Our group company, Terra Motors,manufactures and sells innovative electric-motor bicycles and tricycles in Asia.Sales figures are above 30,000 individual units per year and controls 85% of the overseas sales ratio.
To sell software vis Skype
Please contact us for further information
勤務地本社:東京都渋谷区神宮前5丁目53-67 コスモス青山SOUTH棟3階
HQ 5-53-67, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
勤務時間帯2日間 1日8時間程度 (国によって時差により勤務時間帯変動あり)
2 DAYS 8hours/day (working hours may be changed for time difference)
Japanese (Intermediate - speaking, reading, listening)
日給8,000円(交通費込み) ~/ 8,000 yen~

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