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"IFSA Room Rental Support" for foreigners

< Limited exclusively in the Metropolitan area, Osaka and Fukuoka!! >

In Japan, only 30% of all rentals are available to foreigners

That's why we guarantee all our rooms can be rented to foreigners!

Procedure of "IFSA Room Rental Support"

What is "IFSA Room Rental Support" for foreigners?

We are providing a multilingual service (English, Chinese and Korean)

Foreigners often have problems with language and the different renting when they try to rent a room. "IFSA Room Rental Support" introduces an experienced and professional real estate company for foreigners to you The company provides support three languages (English, Chinese, Korean)

No guarantor is required, and applications from overseas are also welcomed.

Tenants are required to pass a strict check and designate a guarantor when they start to rent a room.This is because real estate laws in Japan are in favor of tenants. "IFSA Room Rental Support" not only accepts applications from foreigners in Japan, but also from people overseas. A guarantor is not required, because we are working with third-party guarantors.

No deposit and no thanks money/ Room sharing/ Student dormitory/ Company housing...etc

No deposit and no thanks money/ room sharing/ student dormitory/ company housing/ furnished...etc, please send us requests for anything you want. Based on your request, our real estate company, which is trusted by both tenants and owners, will offer a suitable room for you!
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